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      1. 2016 the 8th International Conference on Digital Image Processing

        发布时间:2016-06-09 10:42:00
        Conference Name: 2016 the 8th International Conference on Digital Image Processing

        主办方: 四川省计算机学会,新加坡计算机科学与信息技术学会
        Client:   Sichuan Province Computer Federation, International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology

        会议规模:200-300 人
        Conference Size: 200-300 ppl


        Solutions provided by Young

        Developing graphics and promotional material production in order to involve the key relevant European umbrella organisations in the communication activities and enable use of their communication channels
        •  Graphics, printing & production for the event's visual identity and events materials such as panels, banners, signs, sign-posting, etc. (for inside and outside buildings)
        •  Design and production of fixed and portable stands
        •  Drafting, translation and printing of short messages for events promotional materials
        •  Promotional leaflets/posters, conference folders

        Development & implementation of event's concept & logistics
        •  Design, management and coordinating logistics
        •  Coordination/liaison with event/exhibition organisers
        •  Coordination of actions and contacts with other contractors or institution services working on the same event
        Research and booking of venues (hotels, conference centres, museums, restaurants, stand spaces, etc.)
        •  Provision of equipment and furniture: chairs tables, display shelves, brochure stands, roll ups, etc.
        •  Transportation, assembly and dismantling of stands and/or equipment, including furniture, panels, banners, signs, etc., 
        •  Assistance with set up and decoration of stands, including maintaining stock of promotional materials at the stands
        •  Maintenance and cleaning of space at venues

        Event management and support services
        •  Assistance in identifying speakers and moderators
        •  Management of all correspondence for the event (to speakers, moderators, participants, etc.)
        •  Provision of on-site catering and entertainment services
        •  Provision of on-site technical assistance to exhibitor(s) including a manned technical or informatics helpdesk where necessary
        •  Provision of photographer services
        •  Provision of conference assistants

        Web Portals
        •  Creation of event webpages,
        •  Monitoring and reporting events statistics
        •  Designing a registration system for participants

        Providing on-site IT solutions
        •  Provision and installation of audiovisual and informatics equipment: computers with Internet access, video equipment, plasma screens, DVD readers, CD players, touch screens and any other exhibition or telecommunications equipment required

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